When was “A Whisper in the Reeds” first published
It was first published in 2013 by Helion and GG Books in the UK. It was then ‘self-published’ by the author in 2020

How long did it take to write the manuscript for “A Whisper in the Reeds”
This took two and half years with my writing the story after hours 

Was it difficult writing the story behind “A Whisper in the Reeds”
Yes, very difficult. It was an emotional roller coaster revisiting the memories of an emotionally turbulent time … sleepless nights and long walks to process it all again 

When was “A Whisper in the Reeds” first published
It was first published in 2013 by Helion and GG Books in the UK. It was then ‘self-published’ by the author in 2020

What gave you the idea to write the story of “A Whisper in the Reeds”
I met up with Piet Nortje at the  2010 Savate re-union in Pretoria where he asked me to write my account of the Battle of Savate for historic reasons … when I hesitated about this in the months after we met he insisted I write it as I am the only officer that was in the HQ that day that is left alive. Of five HQ officers that went into the battle only two of us survived, the OC CmdtDeon Ferreira and myself … and CmdtDeon Ferreira has since died of natural causes in the 1990’s. 

What motivated you to publish  “A Whisper in the Reeds”
This took some convincing as it is a very personal account written for my two daughters and the Savate part for Piet Nortje for historical reasons. Not thinking anything would come of it I agreed to let Piet Nortje forward my manuscript to his publishers in the UK. They liked it and asked if I could flesh the story out for publishing … it took approximately six months to persuade me to agree to sign the publishing agreement in order to start the process of publishing the book 

Will there be a movie made of “A Whisper in the Reeds”
If there is to be a movie it would be focused more on the battalion as a whole rather than on A Whisper in the Reeds. 

Was it the right decision to publish “A Whisper in the Reeds”
Yes. While I didn’t set out to publish the story when I wrote it and was very hesitant about putting it out there, it has been both worthwhile and rewarding given the feedback and reviews from people who have read the book 

What gave you the idea of writing your next book  “Fighter Pilots & Polo Players”
Quiet simply I was concerned that when I die most of the history I have collated over the years on my father and grandfathers experiences as Fighter Pilots in the two World Wars would disappear unless I recorded it all in the form of a book 

How long do you think it will take you to write the book  “Fighter Pilots & Polo Players”
This should take at least two years. Although I have collected a lot of information over the years there is still a lot of research to be done. The coming of age of the internet and Wikipedia will make this task a lot easier. 

Where did you learn to touch type ?
In the army of all places. 

Are there any other books you are planning to write ?
Yes … but one step at a time !