The Battalion

32 Battalion

‘Os terreveis’
‘The terrible ones’

The mystique … the legend … the brotherhood

32 Battalion is one of the most extraordinary army units in post-World War II military history. The battered remnants of a beaten guerrilla army, the unit began as a ragtag outfit conducting covert, anti-guerrilla missions behind enemy lines before transforming itself into what became one of the best anti-guerrilla army battalions in the world. By the wars end, the battalion had again transformed itself into a highly effective, conventional, fully mechanized battle group. Withdrawn from the combat area, it was redeployed as an infantry unit combating civil unrest in urban warfare until it was disbanded after barely twenty years in existence.





32 Battalion Veterans        (private group)
32 Battalion                         (private group)
Omauni                                 (private group)



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